Manor Planning Tools

Thank you for considering Oak Knolls Manor for your upcoming event!  We strive to provide you with a meticulously-maintained, classic country property that provides a 'blank canvas' for your modern elegant event.

We have selected professional service providers to build a team to ensure that each event here at Oak Knolls is a success and that our client’s vision can become a reality at our venue.  Our clients can focus on the enjoyment of their event and spending time with their guests.  We feel that each of our approved providers is an expert in their area.  The mindset we share with our approved providers is that we all work together toward a common goal, which is creating a memorable event for both you and your guests.

Oak Knolls Manor has very high expectations on the quality of the service we provide our clients.  As part of our commitment to excellence, we want to clearly communicate expectations on the Event Booking process.

Here is how our process works:

Step 1

We will work with you directly to confirm your event date(s) and time(s) to make sure our venue is available.  After a tour of our venue, we will review our venue rental package options and help you choose the package that best meets your needs.  We will then review and sign the Event Contract with you and take your deposit to lock in your date.


Step 2

You need to contact the approved caterers on our list to determine which caterer has the product and service offerings that will be the best fit for your event.  Any of the caterers on our approved list will provide the following basic coordination services if you choose to work with them:

  • Confirm your food and beverage package choices

  • Confirm and order any rental items you will need

  • Create your room layout

  • Create your event timeline

  • Set tables with linens, chargers, silverware and glassware

  • Manage your event timeline the day of your event

Step 3

The caterer you choose will lead a final timeline review meeting on the Monday of the wedding week with bride, groom, and appropriate family members, to confirm expectations and all services being provided on your wedding day.  The caterer will be on site to manage your timeline the day your wedding takes place until the event ends.  They will be your single point of contact the day of your event.

Notes on Venue Pricing
We only book one event per weekend.  We want our clients to have time to get setup for their event, and to gather their personal belongings after the event.  On a typical wedding event weekend, the barn will be open on Friday from 9am to 5pm to allow time for personal decorating and floral setup.  Then on Sunday, the barn will be re-opened from 10am to 12noon to allow time for removal of personal decorations. 


Oak Knolls Management presence at Events

Oak Knolls will provide a team of parking attendants to direct traffic and ensure parking goes well for the first two hours of the event.  We will then also provide an on-site manager who will be at the venue for the duration of the event. 


Our on-site manager will provide the following:

  • Be available to address any facility-related concerns

  • Be available to support catering staff in addressing any issues that may arise

  • Ensure that traffic signs are correctly setup and direct traffic exiting from event

  • Complete final walk through of venue to ensure all guests and providers have exited

  • Lock venue


Here is our list of approved caterers to choose from that will be providing the food and beverage services at your event.  These companies have the skills, experience, resources, and proven track record to deliver on your expectations.  


Our caterers are listed in alphabetical order.

Christopher's Catering

30 West Broad Street

Rochester, NY 14614



Phone:  585-325-1810

Partyman Catering & Rental

1515 West Henrietta Road

Avon, NY 14414



Phone:  585-438-4321

If you have special circumstances that create food and beverage requirements that cannot be met by one of our approved caterers, we are willing to consider using a caterer not listed here.  Oak Knolls Management would need to meet this caterer at our venue and have them tour our facilities to help determine if they would be willing and able to work at our venue.  In addition to providing client references for us to vet, the caterer would also need to provide proper and adequate proof of general business liability insurance, employee-related insurances, department of health certification, liquor license, and liquor liability insurance. 


If alcohol is to be served at your event, it must be served by an approved caterer who has proper NYS Liquor Licenses and proper Liquor Liability Insurance coverage as well as proper business insurances including workers compensation, NYS disability, and General Liability.

Tables, Chairs, and Other Included Items

Included in our venue rental fee is the following:

  • 10 – 60” Round Banquet Tables

  • 20 – 8’ Rectangle Banquet Tables

  • 8 – 40” High Boy Cocktail Tables

  • 2 – 10’ Rustic Bars

  • 2 – 12’ Live Edge Tables

  • 8 Whiskey Barrels

  • 200 Padded Folding Fruitwood Chairs

  • Existing draping in venue

  • Built-in stocked bathroom facilities

If you have need for additional or different tables and/or chairs, they can be provided through one of our approved rental companies at an additional charge.  The tables and chairs included in our venue rental fee are for use in the main barn or on the decks only.  They are not for outdoor lawn use.

Food Handling
Oak Knolls provides a large food staging area in our lower front barn.  We have stainless steel tables, electrical outlets and garbage cans available for caterer use.  Our expectation is that caterer will provide any/all necessary hand sanitation items for food preparation, service, and cleanup.  Additionally, it is our expectation that the caterer will provide all necessary bottled water for service to client and their guests.  Caterer is also responsible for removal of garbage from the event.

Rental Items

If you are having your ceremony here on our property or would like aspects of your event to provide outdoor lawn seating, tents, lounge furniture, lighting, extra draping, or will need to rent extra tables and chairs, the caterer you choose will work with you to coordinate all of your additional rental needs.   They will also take care of the rental of linen, silverware, bar ware, china and any other items needed for your event.   All rentals beyond the tables and chairs for 200 guests, and the other included items provided by Oak Knolls, as listed above, will be at an additional charge.  You are welcome to bring in your own décor for your event, and these are to be used per the terms of our Event Venue Contract. 


We have two approved event rental companies that we work with
(listed in alphabetical order):

Nolan's Rentals

80 Sovran Drive

Webster, NY 14580



Phone:  585-787-2555

Partyman Catering & Rental

1515 West Henrietta Road

Avon, NY 14414



Phone:  585-438-4321

Additional Services

In addition to your food and beverage decisions, hosting a successful event requires thoughtful choices on the additional services you will need.  Any of these additional services, such as bakery, invitations, transportation, music, or other services, will be handled directly between you and the vendors of your choice.  If you book Wedding Coordination Services, the coordinator will work with you to coordinate selection of vendors, together with supplying quotes from each vendor.


If you wish to use additional service providers not on our approved list, Oak Knolls must receive a copy of the current valid and adequate general business liability, workers compensation, and NYS disability insurance coverage for all outside vendors who have their employees work on our property or make deliveries to our property.  The proof insurance coverages must be provided to Oak Knolls at least 30 days prior to your event, and must include Oak Knolls Manor, LLC and Dan and Julie Welch, as named additional insured on the policy(ies).  This is a standard practice for venues such as ours. 


If you have any questions on this, please contact Dan Welch at